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Pescina, which is one of “Italy's Most Beautiful Small Town", was inhabited since prehistoric times and undergone various dominions in the course of time. It was birthplace of illustrious men, like Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino, prime minister of Louis XIV, and the writer Ignazio Silone (Secundino Tranquilli). Also worth seeing are: the Silone museum and the Giulio Mazzarino House-Museum, centres dedicated to their lives and their works. The most fascinating and attractive part of Pescina is the old town, with the church of St. Anthony and the theatre of Saint Francis.
Due to its central location, Pescina offers a wide range of tours in which tourists can try their hand at. Among these, we recommend:

The naturalistic itinerary:

being at the entrance of the Giovenco Valley, between the National Park of Abruzzo and the Sirente-Velino Regional Park, it provides various activities, from ski-hiking and trekking, to hiking and cycling.

The artistic itinerary:

for those who love the ancient villages and wants to soak up some history while strolling around, we recommend a tour that crosses two ancient villages of Abruzzo: the first one is Ortona dei Marsi, a tiny village of ancient origins. In fact, it was built over the ancient ruins of the Italian town of Milonia. Dating from the Middle Ages, you can find the remains of the castle including a cylindrical tower, built in the fifteenth century, and the Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptist, from the XIV century. The second one is the village of San Sebastiano dei Marsi, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes from the Belvedere, while with regard to religious buildings, we recommend to visit the church of St. Pancras and the church of St. Gemma.